There are many unique and fun ways to explore the seven elements of art.  Here, we offer you one more unique and exciting way to not only understand the seven elements, but to look at them through the eyes of various artists from around the world. 

  • Allow Romero Britto to enhance your understanding of colour, and inspire you to create something bold and beautiful of your own.  
  • Let Sidney Nolan give you a whole new perspective on value, and challenge you to think of your art in bigger and bolder ways.  
  • Watch as Kandinsky finds beauty within even the most basic of shapes, and encourages you to do the same. 
  •  Enable Edward Munch to show you what a simple line is capable of creating, and inspires you to do the same. 
  • Get creative with Frida Kahlo, and elaborate on the different types of texture you can introduce into your art. 
  • Enhance your passion for creating with Susan Point, and allow her to enhance your understanding of Form.
  • Explore space  and perspective through the eyes of Ba Khine, and expand on your depth of understanding.  


After you have explored our seven elements with our seven artists.  We encourage you to be inspired by what you have seen and create your own masterpiece.  We then offer you the opportunity to virtually display your work alongside the artist who inspired you.  Using our deep mapping tool, you will be able to virtually post an image of your art creation in one of our featured galleries.  

What is Deep Mapping?

Deep mapping uses digital technology to virtually enhance a two-dimensional map.  It adds context to a specific geographical location; thereby allowing the explorer a deeper insight and depth of understanding that a simple address on a map does not provide.  Our art inspired deep map allows students and teachers to feel a stronger connection with various artists and galleries around the world. Through the use of text, images, and location technology, students from all over will be able to virtually display their work alongside their peers from around the world.  This will allow them to not only be inspired by the artists we have hightlighted, but will also give them the opportunity to appreciate and be inspired by one another. 

Get Started!

Excited yet? Explore the different elements and artists, and let your artistic journey begin